Monday, June 14, 2010

Factoids you may want to ask yourself

1. If a person has a booger in their nose. and you can see it, do you tell them?
If a person has a booger in their nose, they should know. No matter how much you hate them.

2. What are you passionate about?
I passionate about snow skiing,artsy stuff, my husband, shopping ;) loving and being loved

3. How long have you been blogging?
About 4 months. I want to get more into this (kind of am too) but I am not quite sure how. Any ideas? Since I am home and actually have a life now it should be easier.

4. Your favorite "summer" drink?
Iced TEA Pictures, Images and Photos

5. What is your favorite type of music?
I'm one of "those" people. I like it all.

6. Something I do before I go to bed is......?
Brush my teeth, put my phone on the charger, double check the doors are locked and put on my pj's!

7. My Summer vacation plans are...?
Not many since i'm moving in a couple months!!

8. My favorite must have, can't live without, beauty product is?
kiehls Pictures, Images and Photos

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Sunday, June 6, 2010


This weekend has been a hit! Being home is such a refreshing feeling after the elongated GA vacation. Even though Georgia was not meant to be a vacation what-so-ever.. It had this feeling like it was since I was in a completely different atmosphere.

Georgia had its perks and it had it's downfalls as well. A bitter sweet realization the peachy state threw at me was you don't know how much you love and appreciate your friends until they are 800 miles away and the only creature that will go for a car ride with you is the cat. Yes, I moved there for the boyfriend at the time- now husband (YAY!), but, since this is a military lifestyle he is gone, a lot. That is another thing.

In this crazy thing called 'military-spousedom' you don't have control when the husband (or wife) leaves, nor do you have control when they come back. Please take a sledge hammer to my face. That is also the beauty of being a military spouse. How many people do you know that could do this beautiful act? Go ahead, count, don't worry i'll wait.. ;) If your spouse is in the military you know how much bullshit and hurt it brings, but in that big pile of shit there is so much honor, love, compassion, and pride out of being a military spouse.

I can't get it out of my head how contridicting this lifestyle is. One day you hold your head so high and proudly say my spouse serves this country and listen to the women say Oh my goodness how do you deal with him being gone (annoying)?!! Then the next day your head could be so low the waterworks turn on in the middle of Target(not because you're not proud, but because you want your husband back!).

I'm so lucky to have the most wonderful, supportive spouse. Even though I am alone, I know I still have my team mate when duty calls and he will be leaving his dirty boots around the house in a couple months. There might be a lot of lonely evenings, broken hearts, worries and moving, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

5 stars to zilch

Another post, explaining how I never blog anymore. My blogging craze lasted a good 3 weeks, if that.
That is how I am with a lot of things. I can't stick with anything I start. Blame my father. Lets go down the list, how many things have I started, LOVED and quit, because it got BOOORRRINNGG! Something really has to spark my imagination and be enjoyable. I like to be creative, it doesn't involve pulling any muscles, thinking too hard, or practicing... So.. Starting as a child what have I probably peed my pants in pure excitement over then quit minutes later?

1.) T-ball- I ran from 4th base to 1st. I rest my case

2.) Judo- Dad's idea- and the only thing I know he stuck with till he died. Second degree black belt. This is a big deal, he didn't even finish college, so if he stuck with judo you know it was dear to him.

3.) Soccer- actually stuck with that for awhile. Probably because all my friends played with me and my coach was pretty cool. Besides all that crock I sucked. My first goal out of TWO (let me remind you I played for about 6 years) was on ACCIDENT. Talk about UNcoordinated!

4.) Piano- Ohhhh man, this one is the most memorable. I had a real sweet older lady as my piano teacher. Mrs. Masterson was her name, radiant flowing red locks, and the sweetest little voice. She was a wife to a pastor. The woman could play the piano like none other. My first recital went fabulous. My second, was hell. The second recital I didn't practice one.damn.hour. When they said, next up is Deborah Booker playing -insert name here- I pranced up to the piano like I was going to knock your socks off, but I played asdlkhgaoisdhgaldgl;j mumble jumble of crap, got up, did a curtsy and acted like nothing happened. After the recital my mother and father shuffled out of the church faster than a seagull after a hamburger. I don't know how I wasn't embarrassed, I was a very shy child. I was growing up and piano wasn't my main priority. Try boys. oh yes, boys. Though, today I wish I would have continued with my piano lessons. I was getting pretty good.

5.)Knitting- yep.

6.)Tennis- still like tennis, not really hobby material.

7.) Skateboarding- HAHAHA!

Well that wraps up my list of serial hobbies. I have to keep up with blogging. Military life has been pretty so-so lately. Dramatic things have happened, but nothing really cool. I will keep you posted. The only exciting thing happening soon is Stephen coming home in 5 DAYSSSSSS and a courthouse marriage in the works. Also, a huge bumble bee trying to get in my window. TaTa little lovelies!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frugal Fashionista

If you have a Facebook, check out "Frugal Fashionista". Her page is awesome!!/pages/Be-a-Frugal-Fashionista/299876230258

She shows you how to dress well on a budget! She also has an interior portion (my favorite) to her website, also in a budget! Her interior portion is also "Dude Friendly"! If you are anything like me, you like a bargain! Of course, my Mother says, "It's only a bargain if you have the money". Mom, I hate to say it once again, but, you are wrong. A dress I bought for $35, that was originally $350 was a bargain. I don't care what you say, money or no money, that was a steal!

Anyways, She shows you how to make your own headboard, which is a must with Stephen and I. We don't even have a bed frame! Whiskas (the cat) would love a headboard too! Only so she could run her feisty little claws down it! She shows you how to paint closet doors, organize a closet in a new, refreshing way that makes my messy-self want to hang up clothes and put up shoes! She has so many cool DIY for CHEAP projects! Take a gander at her page, you will be suprised!

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Crazy Week

Haven't been blogging much lately, mainly because I am lacking on the creativity side.

Monday I got a phone call from Stephen's brother about an emergency with his mom. Since Stephen is in Ranger school, we had to make the edgy decision to contact Stephen. We hoped he would sense the urgency from us contacting via Red Cross. We told him before he left for Ranger School if we contacted via Red Cross about his mom, it would be an absolute emergency. At first he said he would not be coming home to see his mother. The next night he called his brother back and said, ok after Phase II I will be on my way. Phase II ends this Saturday, so you can see the logic of sticking it out for a couple more days instead of the whole Ranger school like his first decision.

LUCKILY, when he gets back, they are letting him go straight to the phase he should be going to as if he wouldn't be taking an emergency leave!!! Thank the Lord above!!!!!! His graduation won't be the same time as we were expecting, but at least he won't have to redo anything!! We are so relieved him and his instructors understand the urgency for him to see his mother at this crucial time.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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Friday, March 19, 2010

Positive, understanding, loving

Positive, understanding and loving. Aren't these characteristics that all of us women have that are attached to their military man? All tie in somehow to happiness without them there by your side. Some lack in the areas, as I know I can lack in that whole positivity and understanding thingy majig. Haha, but I usually level out.

Today was a great day. I had all three of those characteristics that are mandatory for someone who is so attached to their military man. During his 8 hour and when I dropped him off for the second part of Ranger school, I felt like practice really does make perfect. The more he leaves, the better I get- and it is not because him leaving gets easier. I honestly think it is me starting to understand all of crazy military lifestyle stuff. Nothing really comes as a suprise anymore, and I am understanding the multiple roles I play.

When looking at that 6 months, weeks, whatever we are facing apart, it is better to look at is as one day at a time, than the whole thing. I'm quickly learning that the time passes faster than expected when it is looked at in that way. That helps keep me positive.

Understanding has many different aspects. There is an understanding that this is his choice, his career, what makes him happy. Also, he understands that this is now our career and life, because I have given up so much for us. Mainly I have to understand this is what comes with the territory. If you understand all the many many different aspects, then it is easier to make it through the long periods apart, hence me not crying today (YAY!). It is easy to say you understand, but it is not easy to actually understand. I find myself having to sort through thoughts to fully understand this life, but once you do, it is a relief that will let you love even harder.

The love is the glue to any relationship, but nothing compares to a faithful military love. As a friend of Stephen's told us, "The other person has to know you love them, or it will not work". Both sides have to know how much you love each other, through thick and thin. We have to know the other person will always be there, especially in the military. I agree 110%.

Today, in the midst of the chaos, with the boys running around getting ready for the next phases, I understood what was going on. I understood why I was not going to shed a tear, I understood why I was remaining positive, I understood what was needed of me and why. That, my friends, is so much more than I have ever been able to do.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review of Panama and Stephen in 1 day!

The trip to Florida was great (besides the hurricane-like wind)! I really enjoyed my time with the girls, they are fabulous! We had such a good time just being silly, relaxing and loving life with each other!

We all went to La Vela the first night. La Vela is the biggest club in America. That was amazing! I would not recommend buying the party passes that cost 40.00 for the clubs. Because, mainly you have to be there at a certain time, wait in line to get your hand stamped for a later entrance and who knows that unless someone else tells you? Another downside was, I bought the second card, that wasn't just for La Vela, and I did not use it. Not once. 40.00 down the drain. I think I may have used it as a free bathroom pass to one of the featured places on the card when I was on the beach. Not for sure.

We met tons of people from Oklahoma! Almost every other person we met was from Oklahoma. That was pretty sweet, us Okies stick together!

We tried to get Megan in the booty shaking contest (bahah), we think she could have won!

We went Para-sailing, which led to two poor friends getting awfully sea sick on the boat. The rest of us had a good time! We sure felt bad for those two girls though.

I think my favorite was drinking and taking pictures on the beach! Lets just say, after drinking in the sun all day, I did not make it out that night, or the night after! It's a crying shame, but let me tell you I can NOT hang like I used to. I have to remind myself that in this day and age I can not party like I am 20 again.

One more day till I pick up Stephen for his 8 hour. I'm expecting a phone call to tell me what time I need to be there, and what kind of food he wants on the way home. I'm sure he will eat in the car and want to sleeeeeeep all day. I feel so bad for those guys! Good news is I heard Stephen is the "stud" of the group from a guy that was in his class and got recycled. His brother was talking about Stephen and was wondering if he was going to be in the top 5% of his class. If it wasn't for uncontrollable things that get the boys recycled, I would say hell yes he will be. But i'm so worried about his Ranger buddy screwing up and him having to take the fall for both of them. Other than that, if everything goes well- i'm saying, yes, Stephen will be at the top 5% of his Ranger class. As everyone has been saying in this last month, The military is made for Stephen.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My day job VS my passion

My day job-
Usually ends up in some Retail position that I find entertaining for the first 5 minutes. I love my job right now, because it is a very easy going environment and pretty fun. I have an awesome boss that is the classiest lady i've ever met and she's hilarious! Even though I have a college degree, with this kind of lifestyle it is hard to get a long term, full time job without major consequences (moving, turnover etc)..
That being said, my day job VS my passion......

What is my passion? Stephen asked me this once- he gets so deep sometimes I just have to laugh at him. I actually did not know how to answer it. I don't know how to answer most "deep" questions about what I like and so on, because I like so many things. I think I am very flexible and laid back with just about anything. Unless you try to get me to run 8 miles. My legs will fall off. Try a mile, and then put me in training for an 8 mile. I'd love to do a triathlon like mom does! I just don't know how I would go about that.

ok off of my detour I just got on.. My passion I would say is being happy. Happiness for me are people I love. And if passion is a verb, then it would be skiing. Skiing makes me very happy. Second place to skiing is art (painting, sketching with prisma colors, viewing etc).

Day job VS Skiing

Day job Pro's
Good environment
make money
daily activity
not to strenuous
sometimes relaxing
new clothes
meet nice people
Flexible schedule
great, understanding boss

Day job Cons

Sometimes takes away from what I want to do
well, jobs aren't fun all the time.. lol
can get slow sometimes
dealing with the public isn't always fun either

Pros of Skiing

meet people on ski slopes/lifts and already know one of their fav. things!
feeling of accomplishment when you get off that black diamond and you're the one waiting at the bottom for everyone else to catch up with you!
can get paid to do it!
Can do it in many different, beautiful areas
good fun!
Can help bond relationships

Con's of skiing

lots of clothes
usually only do it on a vacation

I loooooooooove to ski!

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Love Knows No Distance

ONE DAY Till my girls get here!! I'm SO excited!

Been kinda blue for the last week. I thought I was going to get to go home, till I found out I am the only one that can pick up Stephen for his break. I very am excited to see him though! It's a pretty good switch! I'm going to smoosh his face till his eyeballs pop out of his head! I can't wait to hear stories!! I think his stories are going to consist more of ZzZzZz's and smacking than an actual words! Hah!

Lots of things going on before I get to go with everyone this weekend! I have let chores pile to the ceiling. It's not like I have to please anyone else right now. The laundry can get a little OOC (out of control for you people that don't listen to Mariah Carey) hah!... Anyways..

Well here is a peeve i ran across this this week

I "love" how women will question if YOU can do this life, when they don't even know you, or what kind of life you've lived! It's because THEY know THEY can not do this life. I loooooveee that. Not really. Do not judge me on the basis of what you think you can and cannot do. They always say, you have to think.. he is going to be gone so much and you just really don't know what could happen and eventually you'll be a single mother, and do you realllllllly want that life?

Let me just say this! Just stop. Do you guys REALLY think I want to be a single mother while he is gone? Of course not. Of course I would love for him to have the option to be there when his child is born, help take the kids to school and so on. Yes, I DO KNOW he will be gone a lot, tons actually- his job is not a 9-5 job. I have only seen the tip of the iceberg, but you know what- I will wait, and wait and I will wait some more for him to come home, because I love him. No, I do not know what is happening to him half the time, and I am not ok with that. But, guess what- it is part of my life that I have chosen. It is military life, my new life. I would have gotten out of this relationship if I wasn't ok with him leaving. Preparing myself for the unexpected, the tears, the distance is an ongoing process, because the craziness never stops, but I am fully prepared to do what I have to do. I am ready, bring it on. Military wives and fiancees, do not control who they fall in love with, and that is only the beginning, because this life does not allow you to control anything ;) .

I will love as much as I physically can as long as I am loved in return.

I am frightened, but I will not show it, because I know I will get through the tough times. No matter what happens, I will push on.

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