Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy Week

Haven't been blogging much lately, mainly because I am lacking on the creativity side.

Monday I got a phone call from Stephen's brother about an emergency with his mom. Since Stephen is in Ranger school, we had to make the edgy decision to contact Stephen. We hoped he would sense the urgency from us contacting via Red Cross. We told him before he left for Ranger School if we contacted via Red Cross about his mom, it would be an absolute emergency. At first he said he would not be coming home to see his mother. The next night he called his brother back and said, ok after Phase II I will be on my way. Phase II ends this Saturday, so you can see the logic of sticking it out for a couple more days instead of the whole Ranger school like his first decision.

LUCKILY, when he gets back, they are letting him go straight to the phase he should be going to as if he wouldn't be taking an emergency leave!!! Thank the Lord above!!!!!! His graduation won't be the same time as we were expecting, but at least he won't have to redo anything!! We are so relieved him and his instructors understand the urgency for him to see his mother at this crucial time.


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