Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frugal Fashionista

If you have a Facebook, check out "Frugal Fashionista". Her page is awesome!!/pages/Be-a-Frugal-Fashionista/299876230258

She shows you how to dress well on a budget! She also has an interior portion (my favorite) to her website, also in a budget! Her interior portion is also "Dude Friendly"! If you are anything like me, you like a bargain! Of course, my Mother says, "It's only a bargain if you have the money". Mom, I hate to say it once again, but, you are wrong. A dress I bought for $35, that was originally $350 was a bargain. I don't care what you say, money or no money, that was a steal!

Anyways, She shows you how to make your own headboard, which is a must with Stephen and I. We don't even have a bed frame! Whiskas (the cat) would love a headboard too! Only so she could run her feisty little claws down it! She shows you how to paint closet doors, organize a closet in a new, refreshing way that makes my messy-self want to hang up clothes and put up shoes! She has so many cool DIY for CHEAP projects! Take a gander at her page, you will be suprised!


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