Sunday, April 25, 2010

5 stars to zilch

Another post, explaining how I never blog anymore. My blogging craze lasted a good 3 weeks, if that.
That is how I am with a lot of things. I can't stick with anything I start. Blame my father. Lets go down the list, how many things have I started, LOVED and quit, because it got BOOORRRINNGG! Something really has to spark my imagination and be enjoyable. I like to be creative, it doesn't involve pulling any muscles, thinking too hard, or practicing... So.. Starting as a child what have I probably peed my pants in pure excitement over then quit minutes later?

1.) T-ball- I ran from 4th base to 1st. I rest my case

2.) Judo- Dad's idea- and the only thing I know he stuck with till he died. Second degree black belt. This is a big deal, he didn't even finish college, so if he stuck with judo you know it was dear to him.

3.) Soccer- actually stuck with that for awhile. Probably because all my friends played with me and my coach was pretty cool. Besides all that crock I sucked. My first goal out of TWO (let me remind you I played for about 6 years) was on ACCIDENT. Talk about UNcoordinated!

4.) Piano- Ohhhh man, this one is the most memorable. I had a real sweet older lady as my piano teacher. Mrs. Masterson was her name, radiant flowing red locks, and the sweetest little voice. She was a wife to a pastor. The woman could play the piano like none other. My first recital went fabulous. My second, was hell. The second recital I didn't practice one.damn.hour. When they said, next up is Deborah Booker playing -insert name here- I pranced up to the piano like I was going to knock your socks off, but I played asdlkhgaoisdhgaldgl;j mumble jumble of crap, got up, did a curtsy and acted like nothing happened. After the recital my mother and father shuffled out of the church faster than a seagull after a hamburger. I don't know how I wasn't embarrassed, I was a very shy child. I was growing up and piano wasn't my main priority. Try boys. oh yes, boys. Though, today I wish I would have continued with my piano lessons. I was getting pretty good.

5.)Knitting- yep.

6.)Tennis- still like tennis, not really hobby material.

7.) Skateboarding- HAHAHA!

Well that wraps up my list of serial hobbies. I have to keep up with blogging. Military life has been pretty so-so lately. Dramatic things have happened, but nothing really cool. I will keep you posted. The only exciting thing happening soon is Stephen coming home in 5 DAYSSSSSS and a courthouse marriage in the works. Also, a huge bumble bee trying to get in my window. TaTa little lovelies!


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