Thursday, March 11, 2010

My day job VS my passion

My day job-
Usually ends up in some Retail position that I find entertaining for the first 5 minutes. I love my job right now, because it is a very easy going environment and pretty fun. I have an awesome boss that is the classiest lady i've ever met and she's hilarious! Even though I have a college degree, with this kind of lifestyle it is hard to get a long term, full time job without major consequences (moving, turnover etc)..
That being said, my day job VS my passion......

What is my passion? Stephen asked me this once- he gets so deep sometimes I just have to laugh at him. I actually did not know how to answer it. I don't know how to answer most "deep" questions about what I like and so on, because I like so many things. I think I am very flexible and laid back with just about anything. Unless you try to get me to run 8 miles. My legs will fall off. Try a mile, and then put me in training for an 8 mile. I'd love to do a triathlon like mom does! I just don't know how I would go about that.

ok off of my detour I just got on.. My passion I would say is being happy. Happiness for me are people I love. And if passion is a verb, then it would be skiing. Skiing makes me very happy. Second place to skiing is art (painting, sketching with prisma colors, viewing etc).

Day job VS Skiing

Day job Pro's
Good environment
make money
daily activity
not to strenuous
sometimes relaxing
new clothes
meet nice people
Flexible schedule
great, understanding boss

Day job Cons

Sometimes takes away from what I want to do
well, jobs aren't fun all the time.. lol
can get slow sometimes
dealing with the public isn't always fun either

Pros of Skiing

meet people on ski slopes/lifts and already know one of their fav. things!
feeling of accomplishment when you get off that black diamond and you're the one waiting at the bottom for everyone else to catch up with you!
can get paid to do it!
Can do it in many different, beautiful areas
good fun!
Can help bond relationships

Con's of skiing

lots of clothes
usually only do it on a vacation

I loooooooooove to ski!


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