Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I Spend Money On

Lets see here....
Where does all my money go? Question of the century, right?

Well, since I have my necessities covered in this transition from college life to "military spouse-dom". My money mainly goes to extra things life leaves on my doorstep and lights on fire (you know what i'm talking about). Or the fun things that make my life a little brighter...

.unexpected shit- ticket, oil change, computer cord that pooped out

.usual- drinks and dinners with the girls, cat food wet/dry food, litter, soap, gas (UGHHH), lunches out, movies,

.Extra things I pick up at the store- I do this on my own because it will save me a trip later, or we have forgotten about these things and I know we need them. Such as, Swiffer refills, spot removers, baking soda, detergent, noodles, sauce, chips, queso.. you get the drift.

.fun sporadic events- shopping (not much in this category lately), pedicure (NeVeR get those, but treated myself since my ticket wasn't as much as expected), hair, starbucks before work, gifts, fees for events

This is what I should do in order to increase my shopping funds! Bahah!
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