Friday, March 19, 2010

Positive, understanding, loving

Positive, understanding and loving. Aren't these characteristics that all of us women have that are attached to their military man? All tie in somehow to happiness without them there by your side. Some lack in the areas, as I know I can lack in that whole positivity and understanding thingy majig. Haha, but I usually level out.

Today was a great day. I had all three of those characteristics that are mandatory for someone who is so attached to their military man. During his 8 hour and when I dropped him off for the second part of Ranger school, I felt like practice really does make perfect. The more he leaves, the better I get- and it is not because him leaving gets easier. I honestly think it is me starting to understand all of crazy military lifestyle stuff. Nothing really comes as a suprise anymore, and I am understanding the multiple roles I play.

When looking at that 6 months, weeks, whatever we are facing apart, it is better to look at is as one day at a time, than the whole thing. I'm quickly learning that the time passes faster than expected when it is looked at in that way. That helps keep me positive.

Understanding has many different aspects. There is an understanding that this is his choice, his career, what makes him happy. Also, he understands that this is now our career and life, because I have given up so much for us. Mainly I have to understand this is what comes with the territory. If you understand all the many many different aspects, then it is easier to make it through the long periods apart, hence me not crying today (YAY!). It is easy to say you understand, but it is not easy to actually understand. I find myself having to sort through thoughts to fully understand this life, but once you do, it is a relief that will let you love even harder.

The love is the glue to any relationship, but nothing compares to a faithful military love. As a friend of Stephen's told us, "The other person has to know you love them, or it will not work". Both sides have to know how much you love each other, through thick and thin. We have to know the other person will always be there, especially in the military. I agree 110%.

Today, in the midst of the chaos, with the boys running around getting ready for the next phases, I understood what was going on. I understood why I was not going to shed a tear, I understood why I was remaining positive, I understood what was needed of me and why. That, my friends, is so much more than I have ever been able to do.


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