Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Knows No Distance

ONE DAY Till my girls get here!! I'm SO excited!

Been kinda blue for the last week. I thought I was going to get to go home, till I found out I am the only one that can pick up Stephen for his break. I very am excited to see him though! It's a pretty good switch! I'm going to smoosh his face till his eyeballs pop out of his head! I can't wait to hear stories!! I think his stories are going to consist more of ZzZzZz's and smacking than an actual words! Hah!

Lots of things going on before I get to go with everyone this weekend! I have let chores pile to the ceiling. It's not like I have to please anyone else right now. The laundry can get a little OOC (out of control for you people that don't listen to Mariah Carey) hah!... Anyways..

Well here is a peeve i ran across this this week

I "love" how women will question if YOU can do this life, when they don't even know you, or what kind of life you've lived! It's because THEY know THEY can not do this life. I loooooveee that. Not really. Do not judge me on the basis of what you think you can and cannot do. They always say, you have to think.. he is going to be gone so much and you just really don't know what could happen and eventually you'll be a single mother, and do you realllllllly want that life?

Let me just say this! Just stop. Do you guys REALLY think I want to be a single mother while he is gone? Of course not. Of course I would love for him to have the option to be there when his child is born, help take the kids to school and so on. Yes, I DO KNOW he will be gone a lot, tons actually- his job is not a 9-5 job. I have only seen the tip of the iceberg, but you know what- I will wait, and wait and I will wait some more for him to come home, because I love him. No, I do not know what is happening to him half the time, and I am not ok with that. But, guess what- it is part of my life that I have chosen. It is military life, my new life. I would have gotten out of this relationship if I wasn't ok with him leaving. Preparing myself for the unexpected, the tears, the distance is an ongoing process, because the craziness never stops, but I am fully prepared to do what I have to do. I am ready, bring it on. Military wives and fiancees, do not control who they fall in love with, and that is only the beginning, because this life does not allow you to control anything ;) .

I will love as much as I physically can as long as I am loved in return.

I am frightened, but I will not show it, because I know I will get through the tough times. No matter what happens, I will push on.


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