Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review of Panama and Stephen in 1 day!

The trip to Florida was great (besides the hurricane-like wind)! I really enjoyed my time with the girls, they are fabulous! We had such a good time just being silly, relaxing and loving life with each other!

We all went to La Vela the first night. La Vela is the biggest club in America. That was amazing! I would not recommend buying the party passes that cost 40.00 for the clubs. Because, mainly you have to be there at a certain time, wait in line to get your hand stamped for a later entrance and who knows that unless someone else tells you? Another downside was, I bought the second card, that wasn't just for La Vela, and I did not use it. Not once. 40.00 down the drain. I think I may have used it as a free bathroom pass to one of the featured places on the card when I was on the beach. Not for sure.

We met tons of people from Oklahoma! Almost every other person we met was from Oklahoma. That was pretty sweet, us Okies stick together!

We tried to get Megan in the booty shaking contest (bahah), we think she could have won!

We went Para-sailing, which led to two poor friends getting awfully sea sick on the boat. The rest of us had a good time! We sure felt bad for those two girls though.

I think my favorite was drinking and taking pictures on the beach! Lets just say, after drinking in the sun all day, I did not make it out that night, or the night after! It's a crying shame, but let me tell you I can NOT hang like I used to. I have to remind myself that in this day and age I can not party like I am 20 again.

One more day till I pick up Stephen for his 8 hour. I'm expecting a phone call to tell me what time I need to be there, and what kind of food he wants on the way home. I'm sure he will eat in the car and want to sleeeeeeep all day. I feel so bad for those guys! Good news is I heard Stephen is the "stud" of the group from a guy that was in his class and got recycled. His brother was talking about Stephen and was wondering if he was going to be in the top 5% of his class. If it wasn't for uncontrollable things that get the boys recycled, I would say hell yes he will be. But i'm so worried about his Ranger buddy screwing up and him having to take the fall for both of them. Other than that, if everything goes well- i'm saying, yes, Stephen will be at the top 5% of his Ranger class. As everyone has been saying in this last month, The military is made for Stephen.


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