Monday, March 8, 2010

Friends don't let friends drink starbucks

....or so this sign says that is posted on a local cafe's door. I am torn. I might have found a spot better than the infamous starbucks! I do know my Pooh bear espresso with vanilla and honey in it might be a sub for my love of wine! Hah, prob not! Traveling to new places increases my desire to sit in these small towny cafe's and eat til my ass is the size of jupiter.
Speaking of eating.. Stephen is going to raid the house when he gets home from ranger school. I'm stalking the pantry with spaghetti o's. Top to bottom. Oh the things you do for love!
If you guys are curious he has sent 1 letter. he was sleepy and dozing off in it. He had jumped in a very cold pond and hw felt like his lungs were ripped out. He hasn't called after that, so he has made it through hell week!! Like the gyno says, no news is good news! This fully applies to ranger school. ;). He has so many people that truley believe in him I'm happy to be on board with this courageous man! Thank you guys for the encouraging and motivating heartfelt words!! Stephen and I really appreciate them! I know I wouldn't be chugging along if it wasn't for y'all!
Go rangers go! Let's not forget about Marcus! He is doing well!! 2 weeks til their 8 hr break!!!
Support those local coffee shops, they just could suprise you and spit out a damn good espresso!


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