5 stars to zilch

Another post, explaining how I never blog anymore. My blogging craze lasted a good 3 weeks, if that.
That is how I am with a lot of things. I can't stick with anything I start. Blame my father. Lets go down the list, how many things have I started, LOVED and quit, because it got BOOORRRINNGG! Something really has to spark my imagination and be enjoyable. I like to be creative, it doesn't involve pulling any muscles, thinking too hard, or practicing... So.. Starting as a child what have I probably peed my pants in pure excitement over then quit minutes later?

1.) T-ball- I ran from 4th base to 1st. I rest my case

2.) Judo- Dad's idea- and the only thing I know he stuck with till he died. Second degree black belt. This is a big deal, he didn't even finish college, so if he stuck with judo you know it was dear to him.

3.) Soccer- actually stuck with that for awhile. Probably because all my friends played with me and my coach was pretty cool. Besides all that crock I sucked. My first goal out of TWO (let me remind you I played for about 6 years) was on ACCIDENT. Talk about UNcoordinated!

4.) Piano- Ohhhh man, this one is the most memorable. I had a real sweet older lady as my piano teacher. Mrs. Masterson was her name, radiant flowing red locks, and the sweetest little voice. She was a wife to a pastor. The woman could play the piano like none other. My first recital went fabulous. My second, was hell. The second recital I didn't practice one.damn.hour. When they said, next up is Deborah Booker playing -insert name here- I pranced up to the piano like I was going to knock your socks off, but I played asdlkhgaoisdhgaldgl;j mumble jumble of crap, got up, did a curtsy and acted like nothing happened. After the recital my mother and father shuffled out of the church faster than a seagull after a hamburger. I don't know how I wasn't embarrassed, I was a very shy child. I was growing up and piano wasn't my main priority. Try boys. oh yes, boys. Though, today I wish I would have continued with my piano lessons. I was getting pretty good.

5.)Knitting- yep.

6.)Tennis- still like tennis, not really hobby material.

7.) Skateboarding- HAHAHA!

Well that wraps up my list of serial hobbies. I have to keep up with blogging. Military life has been pretty so-so lately. Dramatic things have happened, but nothing really cool. I will keep you posted. The only exciting thing happening soon is Stephen coming home in 5 DAYSSSSSS and a courthouse marriage in the works. Also, a huge bumble bee trying to get in my window. TaTa little lovelies!

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Frugal Fashionista

If you have a Facebook, check out "Frugal Fashionista". Her page is awesome!

She shows you how to dress well on a budget! She also has an interior portion (my favorite) to her website, also in a budget! Her interior portion is also "Dude Friendly"! If you are anything like me, you like a bargain! Of course, my Mother says, "It's only a bargain if you have the money". Mom, I hate to say it once again, but, you are wrong. A dress I bought for $35, that was originally $350 was a bargain. I don't care what you say, money or no money, that was a steal!

Anyways, She shows you how to make your own headboard, which is a must with Stephen and I. We don't even have a bed frame! Whiskas (the cat) would love a headboard too! Only so she could run her feisty little claws down it! She shows you how to paint closet doors, organize a closet in a new, refreshing way that makes my messy-self want to hang up clothes and put up shoes! She has so many cool DIY for CHEAP projects! Take a gander at her page, you will be suprised!

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Crazy Week

Haven't been blogging much lately, mainly because I am lacking on the creativity side.

Monday I got a phone call from Stephen's brother about an emergency with his mom. Since Stephen is in Ranger school, we had to make the edgy decision to contact Stephen. We hoped he would sense the urgency from us contacting via Red Cross. We told him before he left for Ranger School if we contacted via Red Cross about his mom, it would be an absolute emergency. At first he said he would not be coming home to see his mother. The next night he called his brother back and said, ok after Phase II I will be on my way. Phase II ends this Saturday, so you can see the logic of sticking it out for a couple more days instead of the whole Ranger school like his first decision.

LUCKILY, when he gets back, they are letting him go straight to the phase he should be going to as if he wouldn't be taking an emergency leave!!! Thank the Lord above!!!!!! His graduation won't be the same time as we were expecting, but at least he won't have to redo anything!! We are so relieved him and his instructors understand the urgency for him to see his mother at this crucial time.

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